Welcome to The Contemporary Choir. If you love to sing, you’re definitely in the right place and I look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Just a little background as to how we started – my name is Melissa Asbridge and I’m a touring musician and mum to 2 wonderful little girls. Along with my husband, I co-founded and am a lead vocalist in award-winning 13 piece event band ‘Jam Hot’. We spend most of our time touring the globe with a world class show full of the everyone’s favourite pop & rock songs. If you want to have a little look at our work then head over to www.jamhot.com to see us in action.

But more about how The Contemporary Choir came to fruition…I used to be a busy vocal coach alongside touring, until my daughters came along and it fell by the wayside for a little while. I missed it, so we’ve made a way to fit teaching back into my happy chaos, whilst at the same time making some new friends and spreading a little love in and around our community.

It’s been an exciting journey turning this project into reality, and there are so many amazing arrangements of Pop, Rock, Disney and Musical Theatre songs that I can’t wait to teach you – it’s lots of fun transforming a song into a choral showstopper! We hold weekly rehearsals and although there will be lots of giggles (a must!), we work hard to make our material sound amazing – it really does feel great when the whole choir is cooking, if you haven’t experienced it yet then come along and you’ll see!


There are opportunities to perform throughout the year within the local community. Now if this fills you with dread then don’t worry, you’ll be under no pressure at all to perform if you just want to come along to rehearsals and sing away your stresses. Performances are fantastic on a couple of levels – firstly it gives us something to work towards, so we have clear goals and a sense of pride in our work. Secondly it gives us a platform to do a little good for a variety of charitable causes, by offering performances for local charity events and by hosting events of our own.

As you may imagine, touring with 21 musicians all at the top of their game gives me unique access to their abundant talents, and there will be opportunities to perform with some of these incredible players throughout the year. The biggest concert we will be working towards is an annual Christmas ball (in aid of whatever charity you vote for!). This is a fabulous way to raise money and just another excuse for us all to get together and have a great time whilst performing our cherished repertoire.

If you haven’t yet been along to see us, and would like to join our family, please do get in touch and I very much look forward to welcoming you soon!

Melissa Asbridge
Founder and Director
The Contemporary Choir




Paul brings a wealth of experience to The Contemporary Choir. Having been on the road as a musician most of his life and taking charge of countless musical projects, we’re very lucky to have him onboard. As Musical Director of the Jam Hot tour, it’s his responsibility to write and make sure our live show is unbeatable and unrivalled. A huge part of that is carefully choosing and arranging the songs we play, and we’re excited to be bringing these elements to The Contemporary Choir. Our repertoire is full of incredible songs and breathtaking harmonies that are exhilarating to sing, and inspirational to listen to from an audience’s point of view. I hope you love the material that we have to offer as much as we love preparing it for you!