The Contemporary Choir Terms & Conditions


Your Membership


1 – Your membership begins when you have received your email with your payment link, and have activated your direct debit via our secure online payment system ‘Go Cardless’. By activating the payment, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions.

2 – There are 3 terms consisting of 12 rehearsals. Your membership entitles you to access to all sessions throughout the year. The Contemporary Choir holds the right to change the rehearsal venue, times and days if necessary, but will not do so without good reason and will endeavour to give as much notice as possible. If changes need to be made to the schedule due to acts of God or forces beyond our control, we will strive to hold alternative rehearsals throughout the year – no refunds will be given in these circumstances.

3 – Unless discussed prior to commencement of membership, your membership fee covers all rehearsals, and as such, there can be no refunds if a rehearsal is not attended.

4 – Members may not use or replicate The Contemporary Choir’s vocal arrangements in any circumstance other than to perform and rehearse with The Contemporary Choir.

5 – The Contemporary Choir will provide opportunities to perform and record in a studio. Any expenses (travel etc) occurred for these additional benefits cannot be paid for by The Contemporary Choir. Please note that all performances and opportunities are optional.

6 – By becoming a member, you are giving your permission for photographs and recordings to be taken and used for marketing and promotion of The Contemporary Choir. Only footage that portrays you in a positive light will be used.

7 – You have 14 days from commencement of membership to terminate. If you have paid for additional sessions that you haven’t received, these will be refunded to you.

8 – If you wish to cancel your membership after 14 days, you may begin the process at any time by making The Contemporary Choir aware of your wish to cancel. Once your fees are up to date and any outstanding sessions paid for, your membership will be terminated. You may join again at any time.

9 – The Contemporary Choir holds the right to immediately cancel your membership at any time – any refunds due will be given.




1 – The Contemporary Choir agrees to hold your personal welfare in high regard. As such, we promise to provide you with the skills to practice vocal safety and will advise if poor technique is seen.

2 – We will provide a safe rehearsal room that has adequate space, toilet facilities and is well maintained. A visual risk assessment is carried out before each rehearsal, and the correct insurance is in place.

3 – You will be provided with high quality vocal arrangements, materials and skilled musical directors who are knowledgeable and experienced.

4 – Your Contemporary Choir directors aim to always be approachable, fair and respectful of your rights.

5 – If you feel that a fellow choir member is treating you unfairly, The Contemporary Choir will aim to solve any matter discreetly and thoroughly.

6 – Rest assured that The Contemporary Choir will not share any of your personal details with a third party without direct permission from yourself.

The Member


1 – As a member you are agreeing to adhere to your monthly membership fee as stated when you set up your account with Go Cardless. Failure to do so may result in the termination of your membership. You may discuss your membership fee with your Contemporary Choir leaders at any time if payment becomes an issue.

2 – You are obliged to attend all rehearsals (unless discussed beforehand with your Contemporary Choir leaders) and are expected to be on time and present for the duration of a rehearsal. Failure to attend will not result in a refund of the rehearsal fee.

3 – You are expected to make The Contemporary Choir aware of any changes to your personal details and any circumstances that will affect your membership.

4 – You may be included in photographs and video footage with The Contemporary Choir for marketing and promotional purposes.

5 – It is your responsibility to ensure that you are behaving in a morally acceptable fashion at all times. The Contemporary Choir strives to foster an environment of positivity and respect, and thus any behaviour that may infringe upon others’ rights, or cause distress will not be tolerated.

6 – The Contemporary Choir cannot be held responsible financially, if property damage arises due to negative behaviour.

7 – Your property is your responsibility whilst at rehearsals and performances.


Our Performances


1 – You will be given the opportunity to perform live and record in a studio throughout the year. All of these additional benefits are optional and you are not obliged to take part.

2 – Any expenses occurred such as travel, parking, food etc (where applicable), cannot be covered by The Contemporary Choir.

3 – The Contemporary Choir logo T-Shirt is to be worn at all performances and arranged photo opportunities. T-Shirts are priced at £10 per garment and are available in a variety of cuts and sizes.

4 – Members may not audibly rehearse and sing The Contemporary Choir material in any setting (other than onstage or in the rehearsal room) where members of the general public may hear.

5 – Members should remember that whilst performing with The Contemporary Choir, you are representing us and should behave in an acceptable manner.